A look from the top of the Towers Trail.
This weekends run was a little strange as Swede is tapering down for Leadville 100 in a few weeks. Swede and I have been training together for so long that it just didn't feel quite right.

I decided early in the week that I was going to stay close to home here in Fort Collins and work on having a solid pace run for the day. Plus that meant I got to sleep in!!!

I started around 6:15 from the Soderberg PL onto Towers Trail. I absolutely love Towers as it is a steady climb the entire route. It has taught me to be patient over the year I have been here. Go out to hard and she will beat you down.

First climb up to 7000 ft went well. Body was feeling good and my pace was steady. I dropped a Clif Bar Shot and was on the way!!!

Over the miles and course laid itself out it reminded me how much I love living in Fort Collins. Just a great town with so much to offer to every outdoor lover.

As I got to the turn point I was ready to start pushing the pace. Staying steady but acting like I was on race day. Oh how I love it when my body feels good.

As I topped out at the last big hill I took a few minutes to take it in. It was hot, I was sweaty, and I had the down of the Towers Trail to go. Sometimes I just like to slow down or stop to truly appreciate what I am doing and where I am. Life is REALLY good!!!

Finishing up all I wanted was a Clif Bar and a Red Bull. That is how Swede and I roll after a long workout. My weekly mileage was down to 90 miles abut still 17000 ft vertical climb.

Tic toc...Leadville 100 is well within sight!!!

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