Week of 1.13.13 to 1.19.13

Running - 82.5 miles (10 hours)
Spinning - 100 miles rougly (4 hours spinning)
Swimming - 1 hour
Weight Training - 1.5 hours

This week took me to one of the most fun places I have visited and allowed me to do what I love.  On Sunday I had the honor of being the 3:35 pacer for Clif Bar (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQ7SL6hxS-c) at the Walt Disney Marathon in Florida.  Now for this Colorado boy it was tough jumping into that heat so the Saturday before I did a double workout at 20.5 miles and 6:39 average.  I need to feel the heat. 

The day started out VERY early with a 2:45 AM alarm and in the lobby at 3:30.  Even though it was 3:30 in the morning the place was BOOMING.  Very high energy as runners were getting set.  The team came together and we were off the the start.  Now for anyone that has not run this race it is a little crowded.  People going every way as we made our way to the start.  At the start it was all business.  Leading the 3:35 group means you have runners that are shooting for a BQ.  I take this VERY serious and make sure everyone knows my plan...nice and steady all the way. 

The race started as normal...people running every which way like a bunch of crazies.  I told my group not to try to hold me at the start as I will be darting in and out of people to get on pace.  Within .25 miles I was up to pace...now the fun begins in locking it in cruise control.  The miles went by quickly but the course seemed very long.  Now this is one of a pacers fears is a course playing out long and Disney was that way.  So I had to lay into the gas pedal to get us up to speed.

As the miles were winding down I was running with 5-7 ladies shooting for BQ and Jeff Dengate from RW.  Jeff is a friend and we always like to run together when we can.  Good guy and INSANE runner.  Around mile 24 I was 2 minutes up and had dropped one of the last ladies I was trying to get to BQ.  I told Jeff to take the group in and I was going to turn back.  As the time rolled down my runner was running her guts out.  Sadly she ended up finishing with a 3:35:01 and I was behind her trying to push her with a 3:35:02.

At the finish I thought she had made it...damnit missed by 1 second.  No doubt in her next race she has it.  And this was the first pacing ever where I did not make under my pace time. 

Shortly after it was quick packing and back to beautiful Colorado.  When I landed in Denver it was 1 degree...and it felt so damn good!!!  So that is it...my weekly check in.  The weeks are adding up and I am starting to enjoy this Tri training.  Who knows where that might lead!!!


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