Week of 12.30.12 to 1.5.12

Running - 92.5miles (11 hours)
Spinning - 4 hours (roughly 100 miles)
Swimming - 1 hour
Weight Training - 1.5 hours

So 2013 is off and running!!!  This year I am calling it the year of change.  This year my goals are to do things I have never done and push myself to new areas.  One of the big changes I am making is to go from mileage goals to "time per week" goals.  So this year will be mainly 10-11 hours a week running, 4-5 hours a week spinning, 1-2 hours a week swimming, and 1-2 hours a week weight training.  Needless to say with this being my first week of this training I got my ass HANDED TO ME.  I really enjoyed the running per hour piece and LOVE the spinning aspect because I have to work HARD!!!  The swimming is a different game within itself.  Yes I can swim but don't count on me to make t anywhere.  So much work to do but I enjoy feeling like a rookie all over again.

So many people have asked about goals for 2013.  Right now I have 2 race goals but that is always subject to change.  First I will be taking part in a 135 mile (yes 135 miles) endurance run from Steamboat Springs, CO to Leadville, CO called The Divide 135 (www.thedivide135.com).  I have always wanted to do a 135 mile race so this is my first real test of the year.  You could say I am out to "FEED MY CRAZY".  This will be a mind-bending race but I think I will do well.  I am good at altitude and enjoy the road.  Now the 135 miles is a different ballgame.  The way I see it you only live once so grab life by the balls and hang on!!!

As soon as this race is done I will start my major transition.  I have always wanted to do Ironmans and I am finally starting to make my turn for it.  In August I will be doing the Half Ironman in Boulder, CO to test myself.  Being the hardheaded fool I am I will not go in half-ass.  I will be ready to compete if I can get this freaking swimming down.  Oh how far I have to go and so much to learn.

Also in 2013 I am honred to pace for the Clif Bar Marathon Team and to pace my brother Chris Swedenborg at Steamboat Springs 100 later this year.  And who else knows what might just come calling that needs to be taken on!!!

So 2013 is on and we are all ready.  Time to put "normal" life behind and push through new walls of you.  I am very much looking forward to helping as many people as I can in hopes that they will grow and help others.  So week one is down...time to keep moving into week 2!!!


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