Week of 1.27.13 to 2.2.13

Running - 82 miles (10 hours)
Cycling - 50 miles (2 hours)
Weight Training - 1.5 hours

This week my training is coming back but I am fighting a slight injury that might keep me off the bike for a week...ugh. 

Anyways...most important in January I had the huge honor and pleasure of working with a team for Athletes In Tandom.  A good friend here in FC has a passion and love for his non profit.  Honestly it is very inspiring and I am VERY honored.  The orginal event is put on by Tampa Bay Tri Gals.  This was my second year on a relay team.  Last year I did 419.2 miles for the month and this year was 384 miles.  This year the difference was in the cycling. 

This year our team rolled again with the relay team win!!!  It was so great to see all the incredible athletes putting in work.  Helps all of us stay focused as well.

So that was my week...nothing overly exciting but work was done.  More VERY important news to come next week

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