Week of 1.20.13 to 1.26.13

Running - 86 miles (10.5 hours)
Cycling - 50 miles (2 hours)
Weight Training - 1 hour

This week was a very odd week for my training.  I felt like I had to take a step back because other things coming up.  Last Sunday I came down with the 24 hour flu and that took me out for Monday morning exercise.  Instead of exercise I FINALLY made one of my many dreams come true.  This past week I started my Pearl Izumi (www.pearlizumi.com).

My journey to my job has been a very long one.  Over the past 4-5 years I have been working to set myself up for just this opportunity.  This was also part of the plan when we moved to Colorado.  So this past Monday my dream became real and my new life started at Pearl Izumi.  Needless to say it was an absolutely incredible week!!!  Working for the Run Division there fits me like a glove!!!


This week we also started new fun on Facebook to help people stay motivated throughout the year with exercise and new things to improve.  The kick off was an event called Week of Abs For Weak Abs.  The idea was to push everyone day after day by doing 180 pushups and 180 situps for 1 week.  It was tough but oh so much fun!!!  It looks like it is going to be a year long event.  Oh so much fun!!!

My week ended with an absolute ass kicking on Magnolia Drive (Mags) in Boulder.  Mags is very well know in the area as a place to train at high altitude and still be able to push speed.  Well the overall idea was to run a 3:30-3:35 50K and push tempo.  Yeahhhhhhhhh that didn't happen.  Instead I got my ass kicked and loved every minute.  Even though I dropped my "F BOMBS" than a B-52 I still cherish every minute out there.  Ended up with a nice 50K just under 4 hours and a nice slice of HUMBLE PIE.  Sometimes I need things like that!!!

Well that is it...another week in the books!!!  Who knows what the next week holds but I know I will find out soon enough!!!

01/27/2013 3:44pm

So happy for you with your new job!!' Keep following your dreams!


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