Week of 1.6.13 to 1.12.13
Running - 88.6 miles (9 hours running)
Spinning - 75 miles (3 hours spinning)
Weight Training 2.5 hours (weights and core)

This past week was a good week of exercise but even better week for an incredible sponsor.  This past week I was given the great opportunity to become a sponsored athlete for UltrAspire (www.ultraspire.net). 

I found out about UltrAspire late in 2011 and started to learn more about them as 2012 rolled in.  As most of you know I am a "gear addict" and LOVE new gear!!!  I was amazed by the look and how simple the product line looked.  No frills for me...just do your job and make it look easy.  During the Bighorn 100 race I was running with Darcy Africa.  I noticed she had an UltrAspire SPRY pack on during the race.  It looked like it was riding so snug and easy on her.  As most of you know Darcy is a BEAST and someone I seek advice from often to keep my ass in line.

As the year rolled on I was preparing for Wasatch 100 and was in bad need of a lightweight pack.  I remember seeing Darcy rollin in her pack and seeked her input.  Well needless to say with a VERY small nudge from Darcy just a day before the Wasatch 100 I bought my UltrAspire SPRY pack for the race.  Usually I would not go with something new but it fit so well from trying it on I was not worried about it.  I decided to wear the pack on the front 52 miles then change over.  During that front 52 miles I feel in love with the pack.  It rode so well, did not bounce, and held everything I needed.  I was SOLD!!!

Since that time UltrAspire has become a staple of my gear.  No matter the distance or race you don't often see my without their gear.  From pacing for Clif Bar at 3:05 pace to daily runs it is there.

So to the UltrAspire Staff including Team Leader Krissy Moehl thank you for this incredible opportunity.  I am truly honored and very humble. 

2013 IS ROLLIN ON!!!

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