Week of 2.3.13 to 2.9.13

Running - 103 miles (13.5 hours)
Weight Training - 1 hour

This week I am still fighting off injury so running is the main focus...and I struggled.  I am looking forward to getting everything back on task.

So this week I wanted to take the time to talk alittle bit about my new gear coming in from UltrAspire (www.ultraspire.net, www.ultraspirestore.com).  As most of you know I absolutely love this company and FULLY trust their gear.  Currently I am in the SPRY pack from them and love it.  So here we go!!!

First up is the Alpha pack.  This pack will be one of their top sellers.  This will be a go to here in CO for races and training.   More than anything I love the ride of this pack.  It sits still and does not bunch your shirt.  LOVE THIS PACK!!!


This pack I will be wearing on m longer runs and ultras.  Same ride as all of their packs (which is great) .  It does have alittle more space and has a bottle.  I will be in this pack for the Divide 135 (www.thedivide135.com) Really looking forward to wroking this ack over!!!


This pack is the ne I am most looking forward to.  Here in CO we are known for long days in the Rockies.  This pack will get alot of work coming up this summer.  I NEED this one!!!


So take the time to check them out at www.ultraspire.net and www.ultraspirestore.com.  I use and HIGHLY recommend this company and gear!!!  Shannon tested and Shannon approved!!!

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